Richard Griffith


Richard Griffith is a 24-year-old producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from the UK. His music is difficult to pin down, spanning a range of styles from dusky hip-hop beats to warm house grooves, united by a distinctive soulful mellow atmosphere. Originally classically trained in piano, he began teaching himself guitar throughout his teens, before getting deeper into jazz whilst at university. During this time, he began releasing beats on SoundCloud before putting out his EP ‘Fading Blue’, described as an ‘impressive introduction’ by HighClouds. In his upcoming debut album, ‘Percepts’, he has spent time honing his lyrical skills, combining late-night existential musings with dark jazzy tones. He has teamed up with College Music Records for a vinyl release on April 24.

The 12-track debut album, self-produced over the space of 2 years juggled alongside finishing a degree in medicine, combines late-night existential musings with dark jazzy tones. The project reflects on subjects such as loss, self-doubt and a sense of time seemingly sailing by, throughout finding ways to be at peace amongst all of these. The album showcases his broad array of influences; from his instrumental roots in ‘Cloud’, love of dark jazz harmony in ‘Fine’, and more recent interest in house music in ‘Ignite’. Along the way, he enlists the help of Londoner Lila Yin in the soulful first single ‘Passing’, as well as Lester Duval (one half of rap duo 2nd Exit) in the introspective ‘Dream Away’. He has plans to bring the album to a live setting soon.

  1. Percepts Richard Griffith
  2. Fine Richard Griffith
  3. Colours Richard Griffith
  4. Ignite Richard Griffith
  5. Passing Richard Griffith & Lila Yin
  6. Turn Around Richard Griffith
  7. Cloud Richard Griffith
  8. By Design Richard Griffith
  9. Dream Away Richard Griffith & Lester Duval
  10. Last Thoughts Richard Griffith
  11. Old Questions Richard Griffith
  12. Go Richard Griffith
  1. Singles

    'Passing' releasing 21st February

  2. Singles

    'Fine' releasing 13th March

  3. Singles

    'Dream Away' releasing 3rd April

  4. Full Album Release

    24th April