1. A1: Waywards Stan Forebee & santpoort 3:07
  2. A2: Speak Just Big Hills 3:20
  3. A3: Brain Fog G Mills 2:19
  4. A4: Lightly niquo 2:49
  5. A5: Birdsong Flovry 3:23
  6. A6: Early Hours Cloudchord 2:22
  7. A7: Stories draw.xin 2:24
  8. B1: Pick Up WEI, Kyle McEvoy & Mum Child 1:52
  9. B2: Walk In The Woods Mura Kami 2:00
  10. B3: Pier Burbank 2:31
  11. B4: Holiday Pandrezz 3:04
  12. B5: Serene Afternoon Hakaisu 2:59
  13. B6: Paradise brillion. & Chris Mazuera 2:34
  14. B7: Fleur De Lis Oribu 2:48
  15. B8: Guess I'm Staying Indoors Culpeo 2:41
  16. C1: Your Evening Porch Harren 3:36
  17. C2: It'll Be Okay Lofty 1:53
  18. C3: City Lights Blue Wednesday, Taiyo Ky & Soul Food Horns 2:26
  19. C4: Honey I'm Home Philanthrope & Yasper 1:50
  20. C5: Twilight j'san 2:46
  21. C6: Calico Kudasaibeats 3:00
  22. C7: Quiet Moose Dawa 2:31
  23. C8: Rain on Me Sarcastic Sounds & Mishaal 1:43
  24. D1: Time Is Fabulous dné 2:32
  25. D2: Return Of The Dreamer Kendall Miles 2:25
  26. D3: Highland Park Delayde & Fenick 3:39
  27. D4: I Don't Know How You Feel Dokkodo Sounds 2:12
  28. D5: Rice Wine Kalaido 2:54
  29. D6: Strawberry Moon Sugi.wa 1:50
  30. D7: Watch Over Idealism 4:17

College Music Presents: Lift Off

We are so excited to finally share this project with you all! ‘Lift Off’ is a four part compilation featuring thirty original tracks from a handful of our favourite beat makers, spanning across two vinyls and four sides. Each side is home to a distinct theme: Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night. ‘Lift Off’ is available digitally now, and you can order your very own vinyl edition too. This vinyl really isn’t one you want to miss out on… it’s something extra special to help celebrate 1 million subscribers over on our YouTube page We’re donating 100% of profits from the vinyl to Samaritans Charity – a mental health charity offering 24/7 support for anyone who needs someone. We are fully committed to doing what we can to raise awareness on issues relating to mental health, and direct our listeners to help as and when they need it. Through buying this vinyl, you will help people get the support they need when they need it most, so thank you. And remember: it’s okay to talk. Artwork by the one and only endlesstakeout