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Nix Northwest – Life’s a Bitch, I Just Need an Early Night

Nix Northwest makes his debut with a nine track EP, blending a refreshing mixture of gritty hip hop, jazz and broken beats, topped off with highly introspective and thoughtful lyrics, Nix Northwest aims to create a unique sound truly representative of his extremely varied influences. A producer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist, Nix Northwest grew up in very musical household in London and began playing the piano from a young age, which gave him the tools to write his own music and make his own instrumentals.


Laidback hip hop with plenty of swagger. A young MC from London/Leeds, backed by an incredible band 

QM Records

  1. Early Rising Nix Northwest 3:32
  2. Paradise Pending [Releasing 23rd August] Nix Northwest 4:43
  3. Love Nix Northwest 3:13
  4. See U In The Morning [Releasing 20th September] Nix Northwest 4:02
  5. Rum & Ginger Nix Northwest 2:57
  6. Headlights (feat. B-ahwe) Nix Northwest 3:17
  7. When It Rains (feat. LAUSSE THE CAT & B-ahwe) Nix Northwest 4:35
  8. Life's A Bitch (Interlude) Nix Northwest 1:55
  9. I Just Need An Early Night Nix Northwest 3:27

By his late teens he started to take rapping seriously after meeting future collaborator Lausse The Cat. From there he appeared on Lausse’s debut EP ‘The Girl, The Cat and The Tree’ as both an instrumentalist and lyricist. By this point he had begun to teach himself music production while studying jazz piano at music college which created the foundation for his debut EP ‘Life’s A Bitch, I Just Need An Early Night’ which is self-produced.


Nix Northwest is a producer and rapper who is making waves with his expressive form of hip hop… Nix Northwest is someone to have in your periphery 

Nice People Magazine Issue 4


  1. Singles

    Paradise Pending 23rd August

  2. Singles

    See U In The Morning (accompanied by video) 20th September

  3. Full EP Release

    Life’s a Bitch, I Just Need an Early Night 18th October

  4. Launch Party

    A London release party is in the works to coincide with the EP release. More details to follow.

The project will be released collaboratively with College Music Records and Velvet Blues, the nascent collective/label founded by Lausse The Cat. The EP will be available on all major digital streaming platforms, and will be accompanied by a limited edition vinyl pressing.

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For any further enquiries, please contact: jonny@collegemusic.co.uk

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