edbl beats vol.2

London based producer edbl returns with the second instalment of ‘edbl beats’ a nineteen track project, displaying the very best of beat making. 

edbl has a lot in store this March, with the release of edbl beats vol.2, his second beattape, releasing throughout the month across three six-track EPs. This time round, edbl has called in the help of a few friends a long the way, including Mom Tudie, Conor Albert, Mr Cutts, Otis Ubaka, Amalie Bryde & Joe Bae - this beat tape exhibits a selection of some of the strongest talent from across the UK and beyond.

  1. boxpark croydon edbl 3:11
  2. spanish backstage edbl 2:58
  3. avery (feat. Mom Tudie) edbl 2:30
  4. four edbl 1:20
  5. syrup edbl 1:50
  6. poker thursdays edbl 2:40
  7. university of manchester edbl 3:31
  8. top cat edbl 2:59
  9. nightfall (feat. Otis Ubaka) edbl 2:52
  10. sad tuesday (interlude) edbl 1:22
  11. ml3 edbl 2:55
  12. taxi driver (feat. Mr. Cutts) edbl 1:57
  13. new new edbl 2:58
  14. sweet wurli (feat. Conor Albert) edbl 3:04
  15. inside (feat. Amalie Bryde) edbl 1:50
  16. your ends edbl 2:14
  17. breakfast in bed (feat. Joe Bae) edbl 2:34
  18. argent (outro) edbl 2:29
  19. dissociate (feat. Stan Lodge) edbl 2:48

At the heart of the beat tape is a diverse range of live instrumentation, moulded by edbl’s production mastery. This collaboration has been a pivotal part of the project for edbl; speaking of the project he says: 

“One of the most enjoyable things about this release has been working with even more instrumentalists… working with other artists is great too because they come up with things I would never normally do” 

edbl is no stranger to collaboration; having initially released singles including features from the likes of Kofi Stone and Isaac Waddington as well as his debut mixtape, which involved over ten features throughout. The release of edbl beats vol.2 will be alongside another freestyle challenge, where fellow musicians will be invited to add their own arrangement to select beats from the project. This will be paired with a custom edbl Instagram face filter which contestants (and fans) will be able to use across the platform. Moreover, there's an edbl sample pack, cassettes, merch and potential vinyl campaign in addition to the digital release.


Releasing via edbl recordings and College Music Records

  1. pt. i

    six-track 'edbl beats pt.i' releasing 12th March

  2. pt.ii

    six-track 'edbl beats pt.ii' releasing 19th March

  3. pt.iii

    six-track 'edbl beats pt.iii' releasing 26th March

  4. edbl beats vol.2

    the complete 'edbl beats vol.2' releasing 2nd April + bonus track

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