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CM Records Information Pack

Who We Are:

College Music Records was built out a passion to bring our favourite music to more ears than ever before. Building on our YouTube curation, we wanted to provide artists with even more opportunity to get their creations heard across the world. We strive to provide a transparent and friendly experience across everything we do, always putting ourselves in the artist’s shoes. After all, we started everything in the first place out of a love for the music, so it’s the least we can do.

What We Do:

Releasing through CM Records enables us to inject time and resources into your music. Aside from distributing the release to all digital stores, we will also upload on our YouTube page. If the release is more than a single, we will work out with you whether to upload the project as a mix or keep as a single track upload. We will also keep the track in heavy rotation in our Spotify playlists. Alongside this, we will pitch the release to our close network of fellow curators, bloggers and playlisters, with the hope of getting your music to as many ears as possible. 


We’re happy to give you the artistic freedom when it comes to artwork. If there’s a concept/artist you have in mind, we are happy to work with you to help arrange the artwork. Likewise, it is also fine to already have artwork sorted. Please note the dimension should be 3000×3000

If we arrange and pay for the artwork, any costs will be deducted from the first royalty statement. We treat costs as a shared cost, and as such, it is deducted off the gross receipts (i.e. – what is received before the artist and label split is taken).

To help clarify this, here is an example in which costs can be treated differently. In Example 1, the costs are taken before the artist’s net receipt is calculated- this is the way we operate. In Example 2, costs are taken off of the artist’s net receipts (the amount the artist receives after their profit share % is calculated) – as such, the artist takes the brunt of the cost yet the label does not. We do not believe this is fair given both parties are equally invested into the release, and as such, should equally share the costs!

1) $1000 in revenue ($500 costs)

Artist @ 50%

$1000 – $500 = $500

$500 * 50% = $250 (Artist To BE Paid this)

2) $1000 in revenue ($500 costs)

Artist @ 50%

$1000 * 50% = $500

$500 – $500 = $0 (Artist due)

We will add our label watermark into the top left-hand corner of the artwork.


We will handle all aspects of the distribution to all major DSPs (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, TikTok etc.). In order to do this we require the final mastered wav.(& mp3) files, as well as the final artwork. Similarly, we will handle pitching to Spotify editorial playlists. 

We kindly advise that you don’t release other projects (unless as a feature/compilation) for a month either side to not clog up your own Spotify profiles with too many releases in a short space of time.

Royalties + Payments:

We offer a 40% royalty rate/profit share on any revenue stemming from this release. We will account to you via Curve royalty systems. This features an online portal (which you will be emailed log in details for in due course) in which you can find a breakdown of streams and any money due for you. We will account to you once every quarter via Bank/wire transfer using TransferWise.

Luke Pritchard | luke@collegemusic.co.uk

Luke is co-founder and the brains behind College Music. Luke currently has a floating role in the label side which includes helping with promotional renders/assets and on occasion assisting throughout the whole release process. Outside of this, Luke handles the day to day YouTube curation along with data-driven research, marketing and social media presence. Away from CM Luke enjoys ice-cold tinnies – Stella Artois to be precise, ripping fat clouds and the occasional visit to the gym.

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